How do I pay insurance online using credit card ?

You can pay insurance online with your personal or company card, fully safe. Cards accepted are those issued under VISA and MASTERCARD (including Maestro). We accept both debit and credit card. Zero fee for card holders. To ensure the security of transactions, uses Mobilpay application. To pay insurance online using credit card, you must provide the following details: bank card number, card expiration date (month and year), the last three digits printed on the back of the card. Whether your card is created for another currency than lei, transactions are made in lei, at the exchange rate of your bank. All information about payments are processed through Mobilpay. not request and does not store any credit card details.

How do I pay insurance in cash ?

Cash payment can be made only in currency lei. Cash payment can be made at our office or if you choose to receive the insurance through courier. Your refund will be paid to courier when you will receive the insurance document.

How do I pay insurance using bank transfer ?

Payment by bank transfer is possible and will be made after phone confirmation. After payment confirmation, you will receive by email or fax a copy of the insurance. Bank transfer details: Company Name: Sc Sofad Broker Srl. Address: Str. Dorel Sibiu no. 10, Arad County. Arad. CUI (Tax Identification Code): 19488183. Registration number: J02/2307/2006 IBAN: RO06RNCB0475114935780001 - opened at BCR Bank, Arad.

Advantages and disadvantages depending on the payment method selected.
For the online payment method using credit card : Speed.
Security guaranteed by a payment processor nationally recognized.
No additional fees.
Convenience. You can order and pay anytime and from anywhere, the only condition is to have access to a terminal with internet access.
You will receive a copy of the insurance in maximum 30 minutes after the payment is made.
Cash at our office or cash when you will receive insurance document through courier : Requires to travel to our office to ensure payment, except courier delivery.
Payment by bank transfer - especially for companies : Safety.
Speed and convenience if the transfer is made using internet banking.
It requires a certain fee for initiating bank transfer.
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